It’s all too easy to get lost in the new year’s crowd, blending into a peloton of sameness – logging the junk commuter kms, or painfully spinning through hour after hour of Watopia.

Instead of that, why not get excited about the year to come? Why not pull out some new kit on your next ride, suit up – Belgian boot up – and head out to express yourself in style.

Here are just a few of the products that have us stoked for a truly unique and exciting 2019, maybe they’ll light your fires too.

Attaquer – Women’s All Day Club Gilet

There’s no hiding from the bitterness of winter so wrap yourself up and stave off the elements with the Women’s All Day Club Gilet, a medium weight vest designed to beat back the winter winds and a little bit of rain too.

It’s crafted from some of the most durable Italian-made fabrics, providing reliable protection and durability. The high neck and unique Attaquer zip also ensures a snug fit, keeping all that precious body heat nestled up against your chest.

BikeRadar scored Attaquer’s All Day kit 4/5 stars in their review, commenting that, “once again Attaquer has created a kit that performs as well as it looks.”

It may not be the loudest gilet out there, but it is a simple one, doing its job incredibly well.

Belgian Boys Club – St Hubert Winter Jacket

Why have just one layer when you can have a two-in-one? The St Hubert Winter Jacket from Belgian Boys Club battens down the hatches in times of bitterly cold temperatures, the integrated thermal vest and hand-sleeves minimising the chance of any icy air ingress.

It’s also incredibly lightweight, allowing you to chase KOMs even in the depths of winter.

SAS – S2-V Camo Riding Vest

The camouflaged upper on this Search and State gilet is cut from a water-repellent synthetic and the lower body from a breathable, yet still water resistant, textured fabric. The result is a versatile gilet that can adapt to just about any changing weather condition.

The Radavist love Search and State’s camo kit, “they’re high quality, made in NYC, and usually on point in terms of trendy colours and designs.”

Endless – Women’s Bib Shorts

Never underestimate the powerful bond between a cyclist and their favourite pair of bibs – especially if those bibs are Endless bibs.

The reviews speak for themselves with this new pair of bib shorts from Endless:

“You can tell when putting on a set of Endless bibs that a lot of thought has gone into their design and it results in a high performing, comfortable garment for you, the rider” say Kitwatch in their glowing review.

SAS – S3 Bib Shorts

Designed for long, arduous days in the saddle, these bib shorts from Search and State hit the nail on the head when it comes to ergonomic fit. Widened straps and a soft, body contouring back mesh make them incredibly comfortable – almost like a second skin. Get ‘em on and get out there.

God & Famous – Commuter Shorts

It’s tough to find a pair of shorts that feel just as good on the bike as they look off of it. These commuter shorts from God & Famous fit the bill perfectly and are constructed from a highly functional, lightweight, quick-drying and stretchy nylon fabric. For low-key street style, not many do it better than NYC’s finest.

Team Dream – LEMONDster Sock

Hark yourselves back to the times of La Vie Claire, Greg LeMond vs Bernard Hinault and the notorious ‘fashion’ of the 80s peloton with these LEMONDster socks from Team Dream.

Paria – Outrun Jersey

This tropical sunset design from Paria has got us feeling summery already. The jersey isn’t cut to a classic Italian race fit, but rather a looser, more comfortable fit more orientated to group and training rides. It’s a stand out piece of kit that boasts a heck of a lot of performance, all without breaking the bank.

NDLSS – Wave Jersey

Holy gradient fade, Batman! We’ve never seen a fade executed quite as beautifully as this offering from NDLSS.

It’s light, aerodynamic and surprisingly breathable, keeping you cool as you ride that next wave through the peloton, ready to jump on the next surging attack. Kapow!

G&F – SASTR Jersey

Ever wanted to channel James Franco in Spring Breakers while riding your bike really fast? No, neither had we until we saw the Stop And Smell The Roses jersey from God and Famous. Extended sleeves and hidden zipper add the aero extras, for one fast-moving flowerbed.

The SASTR doesn’t just stop at super speed, it’s also incredibly comfy thanks to its smooth 135 GSM Italian fabric construction.

Paria – Unicorn Women’s Jersey

Ever wondered how to achieve legendary racing status? Forget winning a three-week Grand Tour, just wear this mythical unicorn jersey at your local crit and you’re sure to go down as one of the greats.

It’s not just a dope design either, constructed from premium Italian tech fabrics and Mondrian wind-resistant fibres, this is one advanced jersey that’s ready to win. Coolmax fabrics have also been used in the jersey’s construction to help wick away moisture – perfect for long, hot training rides.

Albion – Toolroll

Carry all of your small tools without having to throw them into a messy, cumbersome saddlebag with this waterproof toolroll from Albion. Carry it in your jersey, or stowed underneath the saddle with its adjustable outer strap. It has enough space for a spare tube, tyre levers and a multitool – the minimum essentials for a day out on the bike.

Pedla – Superfit G+ Bib Shorts

The Superfit G+ Bib Shorts are high-end kit, but they more than make up for the cost with a wealth of high performing features. La Velocita echo these sentiments and describe the Superfit G+ Bib Shorts as delivering “a premium performance to match their price tag.”

So, what makes these bib shorts so great? Perhaps it’s the super lightweight and windproof fabric, the slim-line fit, or the LunaAIR side panels that boost breathability. It could be all of those things, but we think the magic lies in the simple yet incredibly sleek design – less is certainly more in this case.

Team Dream – Chubby Bobcat Tie Dye Tee

Soft, snug and snazzy – just about everything you want in a tee. Sorry lads, this one is for girls only.

Attaquer – Neon Race Short Sleeve Jersey

There’s standing out from the crowd, and then there’s this. Neon not only captures attention, but also steals it from the rest of the riders in the bunch – perfect if you’re planning to show off to some adoring roadside fans.

The jersey has a naturally tight fit thanks to its body contoured design, but is still incredibly comfortable and breathable – even in hot weather. This is largely due to its lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics and mesh side panels that allow heat to escape the jersey, leaving minimal moisture behind in the process.

Aerodynamics are enhanced by a dimpled profile on the jersey’s surface; it’s not only loud and proud, but god damn quick.

G&F – Other Dad Hat

Sometimes the simplest things can strike the perfect chord – this dad hat from God and Famous does just that.

Pedla – Women’s LunaFLY Jersey

Peachy in both colour and design, this LunaFLY Jersey from Pedla is the perfect all-round jersey for training, racing and just about any other kind of riding you choose to do in it.

It’s constructed from a super lightweight Luxe fabric that uses quick-drying microfiber materials to keep the jersey breathable, lightweight and moisture free. The jersey is made from naturally soft materials – almost like a peach to the touch – making it an absolute dream to ride in.

Albion – Bib Shorts

When it comes to bib shorts, it’s not necessarily the designs and daring colour schemes that help them stand out from the crowd. It’s rather the rave reviews and reports of sublime comfort that help to sell a pair.

These bib shorts from Albion have that glowing rapport from none other than CyclingWeekly – the kit reviewing colossus rating the bibs an impressive 9/10.

Their comfort has to be felt to be believed, the legendary M.I.T.I fabrics and Elastic Interface chamois technology combining to create a truly unparalleled ride feel.

G&F – Doomsday Bar Tape

If the four horseman rode bikes, then this is exactly what they’d wrap their curved horn handlebars with.

The tape is constructed from a lightweight PU/EVA material that boasts all the touch of leather without the cost. Love the print? Get the matching jersey.

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